• Mission and Vision

    Purpose: To prepare students for the lives that they will live.

    Vision: To ensure a quality international and intercultural education which prepares students for their futures in a global economy.

    Our School Motto: Reach for the Stars!

    Our Key Values:

    • Professionalism - committing to the highest standards of accountability and performance
    • Respect - treating all people with respect and dignity
    • Innovation and Creativity - fostering an environment that supports innovative, safe and creative practice
    • Differentiation - ensuring programs support individual students to work at their own rate and level
    • Excellence - supporting the pursuit of excellence

    Our school ensures the highest quality in teaching and learning across the Australian Curriculum and also offers outstanding programs in the teaching of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Our curriculum is designed sequentially from ELC - Grade 12 so that students are able to follow a clear and well-planned pathway from the Early Years to tertiary education.