• Welcome from Executive Principal

    Welcome to the Australian International School. The school has been here for eleven years now and has built a strong track record of success over time. I am very proud of the work that we have done. Australian education standards are amongst the highest in the world and our results at A.I.S.  are matching those of students in schools in Australia.

    Our students graduate at the end of grade 12 with either a Queensland Certificate of Education or an International Baccalaureate Diploma and go on to universities both here and around the world. On national assessments of literacy and numeracy we are meeting and exceeding Australian standards.

    I am often asked what it is that is different about an Australian curriculum. I would say that it is the futures focus that an Australian curriculum has. We all know the world is changing rapidly. The jobs that many students currently in our school will move into haven't even been thought of yet. It is not enough then for students to simply learn information. They need to develop the skills to be successful in this future world. This is about working with others to solve complex problems.

    Our pedagogical model is inquiry.  Students are encouraged to ask complex questions and then work out how they might find the answers to these questions. Technology is playing an increasing role in this. Our students have access to as much information as they could ever need. The real skill is in learning how to sort through this vast array of data and apply this information to creating novel solutions.

    When I ask our students what it is that they most value about our school they always tell me it is our teachers. Our teachers are highly trained and highly skilled. Students though value their teachers care for them. I hear wonderful stories every day of teachers who ‘go the extra mile’ for students, providing extra assistance wherever this is needed to ensure that students succeed.

    Parents tell me it is the openness of our school. They love the way that they can drop in to see me or any other member of the executive team at any time. As an Australian school, we believe very strongly that education is a partnership with students and their families with all of us working together to ensure that students do as well as they can do.

    We would be delighted to share this process with you. Please make a time to visit our school to see our students and our teachers in action!