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  • Step 3: Enrolment Process

    Enrolment Packs
    Parents are given an Enrolment Pack for each child when they come to the school for the assessment. The Enrolment Pack contains everything needed for the student registration process, the Admission Requirements page lists documents required upon enrolment and the forms listed are enclosed in the enrolment pack.  

    It is essential that all forms are completed and documents copied prior to visiting the Enrolments Office. We understand that all documents may not be available upon enrolment, for example: residence visa, transfer certificate, etc., we will allow a limited time for this to be processed and submitted to the enrolment’s office.

    It is important that parents of children entering grade 2 and above finalise the transfer certificate and report card/s attestation process prior to leaving the country they are residing in if coming from outside of the UAE, detailed information can be found on the Transfer Certificate and Report Card document in the enrolment pack.

    Enrolments Office
    The enrolments office is open for registration on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday 7.30am – 3.00pm. A non refundable registration fee of AED1,150 is payable upon enrolment along with post dated cheques for fees as per the fee structure in the enrolment pack.  Payment can also be made by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

    Buses – some bus routes are full and offering a student a place at our school does not mean that we can accommodate them on the bus.  We do have waiting lists on some routes.

    Description Links
     Transfer Certifcates and Report Cards Click Here
    Transfer Certificate Template Click Here

    If you require further information or clarification before enrolling please email admissions@ais.ae