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  • Step 2: Assessment Feedback

    Parents are contacted by telephone or email the day after the assessment and notified if their child has been offered a place or not. The Australian International School assesses more children than places available and although students may pass the assessment and invited to enroll, places are not guaranteed.

    If places are not available and a student has been successful and offered a place, parents should proceed with the enrolment process and pay the non-refundable registration fee AED1,150 to wait list their child. The enrolments office will contact families if and when a place becomes available.

    Students who are not successful and not offered a place are given feedback on the assessment. The Australian Curriculum is unlike other curriculums as there is a lesser emphasis on specific content and a great emphasis on process, particularly higher-order thinking and inquiry, many students will not manage the change in curriculum.

    All applications are subject to final approval from Sharjah Education Zone and the Ministry of Education.  In most cases, this is very straightforward and approval is given immediately.  Occasionally, more information may be required (particularly where the child is coming from a curriculum where there is no equivalent in Dubai) and in some cases, approval may not be granted.