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    "I came the school in grade 10 and it has been very life-changing for me.  I feel that I have really developed as a person since the school offers many opportunities such as debating, Model of United Nations, World Scholars Cup along with many sports."   Sara Helmi

    "If we have doubts and challenges we can't overcome, teachers consistently offer us tutoring in their own free time. I feel they provide such a great environment for us to learn and be able to accept knowledge and different perspectives with an analytical approach.  Also the teachers are so culturally diverse. They have such a prolific and long history of teaching something they have a passion and drive in and we can really see that."

    "Ever since I came to the school, it has really been a journey of trying to better myself and mould my personality amongst people that have different ideologies, attitudes and beliefs.    Obeid Al Marri

    "What makes the school special is its commitment to work and its teachers. As our motto says, "Reach for the stars", we only reach for the stars."    Lamya Alserkal

    Work Ethic

    "I succeded through commitment, perseverance and self-motivation; try to set goals, whether short or long term, and work on them steadily."    Obeid Al Marri

    "If you organise and manage your time perfectly, then you will succeed."    Lamya Alserkal


    "I feel very confident that the IB is the right choice for me to succeed in higher education.  With IB, you learn to think so critically that you reach a point where your brain is always being analytical. The tasks and timeframes teachers set for us is as if they are modeling the life we will experience in university."     Sara Helmi

    "The IB has shown me how to be independent enabling me to be able to go abroad."    Obeid Al Marri


    "Using my Queensland Certificate, I can see that I will be stable in universities outside the country such as USA, Britain and New Zealand. Previously, students who have gained this certificate have studied overseas."     Hind Al Hammadi

    "QCE will help me succeed through university because it has taught me skills that will be useful."   Lamya Alserkal