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  • Working At AIS and Staff Testimonials

    The Australian International School is a school of excellence. It provides opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and understanding, pursue special interests, and develop social and intercultural skills which all contribute to the school mission 'Preparing students for the lives that they will live'.  

    All staff of Australian International School play a key role in the delivery of quality education to students.  All staff contribute to the vision of AIS through excellence in teaching and learning, a rigorous and challenging curriculum which has a multicultural, international perspective, fair and equitable work practices, and productive partnerships with the school community.

    Underpinning the work of our staff is our professionalism and adherence to high standards of ethical conduct. In our delivery of educational services, there must be a clear articulation of what is expected of us in the way we conduct ourselves and perform our work.

    Staff Testimonials

    "AIS is a unique working environment that has created a platform to successfully integrate Australian curriculum within the Middle Eastern culture. At AIS, both Arab and Non-Arab staff work together to deliver high quality, inquiry based learning experiences that are tailored to the cultural diversities of our students. As a teacher, working at AIS has given me an opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture. The school community, staff and most of all, the students and their families are so open and welcoming. Since becoming a member of the AIS community, I have grown both personally and professionally. It is an experience I would recommend to any teacher."   Jessie Scott, Junior School Teacher. 

    "I love that AIS is more than an employer, it is a family away from home. As a staff member I am encouraged, supported and cared for like a part of their family and this makes me the best teacher I can be. I would recommend AIS because it's a school that will encourage you to grow and strengthen yourself as a teacher, it's a school that will nurture and support you and its a school that provides amazing opportunities for staff (regular internationally recognised PD, Google training, school programs for a variety of things). The best thing of all is that AIS values each individual person."  Sarah Clay, Early Years Teacher.

    "It comes down to three C's: Collegiality, Cohesiveness, and Collaboration. At AIS, staff are well supported by both their colleagues and management. All staff at AIS work towards a common goal in outstanding outcomes for students. We work well in teams and excel by getting the best out of each other."  Simon Carabetta, Middle School Teacher.

    "For me, it's my colleagues that make working here an enjoyable experience. I have met really good people - great to work with, quite interesting, really competent, helpful and supportive in very many ways."  Junior School Teacher