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  • ECA's - Extra Curricula Activities

    The ECA program offers an excellent range of opportunities designed to motivate and inspire students from ELC to Grade 12. Opportunities for enterprise, innovation, creativity and social contribution will be embedded through all curricula areas.  

    This wide and stimulating program of ECA's within and outside AIS significantly enhances students’ academic and personal development.  Students who are involved in ECA's have the opportunity to develop confidence, learn new skills, cooperate with other students and have an increased sense of self-worth.

    The ECA program is closely linked to the school’s vision and purpose- ensuring a quality international/intercultural education which prepares students for their futures in a global economy.

    The program of activities offered is listed every term.   The programs enrich varying areas of development.  


    Wednesday ECA's  

    Extra Curricular Activities are held every Wednesday afternoon from 3.00pm to 3.50pm at no cost. Parents maychoose if they would like their child/children to participate in these activities.

    Students in Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 rotate around a variety of fun activities throughout each term. Example activities for these grades include- play dough creations, construction, group games, dance and fine motor activities. Students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 select an extracurricular activity that they would like to participate in and stay in this activity for the term. Example activities for these grades include- rugby skills, drumming, origami, cartooning, Arabic reading and speed stacks.

    Students in Middle and Senior School may elect to participate in Wednesday ECA's with a wide range of activities to choose from.

    When students participate in ECA's they are able to experience a range of artistic, physical and cultural activities, where the most important goals are discovering their talents and having fun with their peers.

    Paid ECA’s 

    The Paid ECA program runs every term for eight weeks approximately.

    The school offers a range of options from arts and cooking through to basketball and fun games like soapy soccer. These are extremely popular with our junior school students.  Specialists from outside companies are also brought in to conduct ECA activities.

    Swimming and football are our two most popular ECA options running almost every day of the week. Football involves drills and skills to develop skills and team awareness with a combination of small sided games. Swimming ranges from learn to swim and water confidence through to serious lap swimmers.