• Global Leadership Training

    AIS works in partnership with KnowledgeWorkxED to provide the Global Leadership Program to our students.  


    KnowledgeWorkxED’s vision is to support the family, educators, and students through social, emotional, and cultural training necessary to build the next generation of global citizens and leaders. The mission is to equip students to thrive during their youth, empowering them to make their maximum impact on the world.


    The Global Leadership program (GLT) prepares students for an increasingly intercultural world by giving them a greater understanding of IDENTITY, COMMUNITY, and PURPOSE (ways in which they can take action).


    Students learn 21st century skills and strategies normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies, giving students the edge they need for college applications and career preparation.


    The students participate in one hour per week with the site coach and one hour per week for their personal online program as well as 2 coaching sessions per year with the external coach/ program coordinator.  


    A GLT student…

    • knows how to navigate intercultural environments with confidence and competence

    • is able to listen carefully and navigate complex environments appropriately

    • clearly understands their own identity, skills and limitations that allows them to adapt, communicate and influence to bring about positive change wherever they are.

    • Has a competitive edge when it comes to university acceptance and job placement.


    Please see the following video for insight from our students about this program;