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    It was the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said, “The truth is found when men (and women) are free to pursue it.” As our student journalists begin the 2016/17 academic year, they will undertake their roles of responsibility with these words of a former U.S president echoing in their minds.

    The Student Journalist Club at AIS is a formation of some of the most talented writers and photographers our Middle School has to offer. Each month, they share the responsibility of writing and presenting the articles and content in our newsletters, which keeps our school community informed and up to date on what is happening within our fine institution.

    Delivering news about a school is always vital, but when delivered from the perspective of a student, real insight into the impact that events have on a student’s daily life is conveyed, and this is most important of all. Second only to this, is the benefit that student journalists receive via experience, both in writing and in being part of the press. It creates opportunities, opens new doors, and awakens the creativity within. It also teaches the number one rule regarding journalism; to always seek the truth.

    Our members for this year range from Grade 7 to 9, with a select group of Grade 6 students to join in Term 3 under the mentorship of our current journalists.

    Student Journalist Club Members: Dalila Al-Harthi, Douaa Qadadia, Isaiah Holloway, Maryam Al Qasimi, Jieying Wu, Defne Sanal

    Mr Simon Carabetta
    Editor in Chief, Student Journalist Club
    Grade 8/9 English and Humanities Teacher