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  • Visual Arts

    Junior School Visual Arts

    At AIS, Junior School students study visual art to develop their language, thinking and fine motor skills and to express themselves by creating their own works.

    They explore and experiment with the different elements, conventions, techniques and ideas found in a range of artworks from around the world.

    During Semester One, we have familiarised ourselves with our new art space and our old art rules. We have been examining the features of example works, have been developing our vocabulary while sharing our responses to a range of art, and, of course, have also been creating some wonderful pieces.

    In Prep, we are viewing and creating a variety of self-portraits – paper portraits, hand prints, silhouettes and more.

    In Grade 1, we are responding to and making art which focuses on colour, line and shape. The abstract works of Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky are providing us with plenty of inspiration.

    In Grade 2, we have been exploring colour theory and mixing colours in order to paint pictures that feature complementary, warm, cool and monochromatic colour schemes.

    In Grade 3, we are examining historic and modern mosaic artworks and creating mosaics that reflect our culture or country.

    In Grade 4, we have been evaluating Bedouin-inspired art and will create work with similar themes, including painting desert landscapes and creating pictures using henna patterns.

    Middle School Visual Arts

    Middle School students design and produce works of art by learning a diverse range of skills including drawing, painting and sculpting.  

    Grade 6 
    Semester 1: Landscape watercolour paintings

    Semester 2: Recycled Sculptures

    Grade 7

    Semester 1: Abstract mixed media portraits

    Semester 2: Minor Folio Tasks (Zentangles, Perspective drawings, Collage)

     Grade 8

    Semester 1: Logo design

    Semester 2: Pop Art

    Grade 9

    Semester 1: Papier mache masks

    Semester 2: Lino Printing