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    Stationery List for 2017/2018

    Students are required to have the following items ready for the first day of school:

    Particulars Quantity 
    HB grey lead pencils 12 pack 1 box
    Blue ball point pens 6 pens
    Black ball point pens 4 pens
    Red ball point pens 2 pens
    Pack of 4 highlighters (4 colours) 1 packet
    Correction tape 1
    Coloured pencils (12 colors) 1 packet
    Medium Felt Tip Pens/Texas (12 colors) 1 packet
    Eraser 1
    Scissors 1
    Mini stapler 1
    1 Packet of staples 1
    Ruler 30cm 1
    Pencil sharpener 1
    Sticky tape clear 19mm x 25yds 1 roll
    Glue Stick 20g 3
    Mathematics set geometry box 1
    Display folder 20 pockets (Ministry x 3, EHu x 4, MST x 2, Spare x 3) 10
    A4 Exercise Books 64 Pages (Health x 1, Ministry x 3, MST x 3, EHu x 4, Spare x 1) 12
    Scientific Calculator 1
    USB Flash drive 4GB 1
    A3 Sketch Book (Visual Art) 1
    Padlock and key for locker 1
    Box of Tissues 1
    Manila folder pack of 25 1

    In addition, it is required that students purchase a Chromebook for accessing documents and classroom activities.
    NOTE: Mobile cell phones are not considered a substitute for a laptop/tablet.

    Please note that students may complete or misplace books and other items of stationery throughout the year and they will be required to replace them.

    Students must label all stationary items with their name and form class. Class teachers will assist students to identify which books and folders are required for which classes.