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    Uniform Policy – Junior School

    At the Australian International School, it is very important for students to take pride in their appearance and the school uniform identifies a sense of community within the school. Students are expected to arrive at school in a clean, pressed uniform everyday.  Students may only wear AIS school uniform items.

    • All students should be in full sports uniform on timetabled Physical Education days or on days when  there is expected to be significant compulsory physical activity.

    • Students are not to mix elements of the formal and PE uniform.

    • All students are to wear plain black covered shoes when in full school uniform or predominately white or black sandshoes when in sports uniform. (Non-marking soles and without fluorescent laces or panels)

    • Undershirts may be worn if they are plain black or white.  They should not extend past the sleeves or bottom of the school shirt.

    • The only acceptable jewelry is a watch and for the girls small sleepers or studs.  A necklace may be worn if it is kept underneath the shirt.  

    • Students must take care with personal grooming.  Long hair must be tied back or up in activities that pose a safety hazard (e.g. cooking, science laboratory).  Hair accessories must be in school or neutral colours - plain white, red, yellow or blue.

    • Natural looking makeup and nail polish may be worn.

    Junior Girl’s Uniform

    • AIS pinafore and blue collared shirt

    • AIS skort or skirt and blue collared shirt

    • AIS trousers and blue collared shirt

    • AIS navy cardigan with logo

    • White socks; black shoes

    • Hair band accessories in school colours only - plain white, red, yellow or blue

    • Head Coverings to be in school colours

    • plain white, black, red, yellow or blue

    Junior Boy’s Uniform

    • AIS shorts and collared shirt

    • AIS trousers and collared shirt

    • AIS navy jumper with logo

    • White socks, black shoes

    Junior Physical Education Uniform - Boys and Girls

    • AIS Junior School Polo shirt with

    • Navy AIS quick-dry fabric shorts (must cover knees) or track pants

    • White socks, predominately white or black sport shoes