AIS presents outstanding education with a difference. Our students’ journey to success is mapped along a path where the best of the world’s schooling curriculum stands alongside a proud Emirati culture, producing young adults who are not just resourceful global citizens but happy children of proud parents.

Established over seventeen years ago in response to the need for a school respecting the culture, faith and language of the people of the UAE whilst utilising the best education system for a new digital and global era, the Al Sharif Investment Trading Group partnered with the Government of Queensland to build the first Australian school in the Middle East.  

Using the innovative Australian Curriculum framework, highly experienced teachers from Australia, Arabic specialists and a leadership team passionate about delivering exceptional educational and wellbeing outcomes have together developed AIS into a school where each child is nurtured and supported to reach for the stars.

At AIS, the relationship between home and school is viewed as pivotal in a child’s education and is characterised by a supportive partnership and open communication. This is more than simply a place to be educated; it is a strong schooling community filled with a network of families, teachers and staff invested in providing an outstanding, innovative education to happy students.

Here, our Executive Principal, Mr Steve, states why AIS is an outstanding school:

Welcome to AIS, a place where a love of lifelong learning is instilled in students and their journey to success begins. Established over eleven years ago, we have chronicled an enviable history of success thanks to the dedication of our excellent teaching staff, our adherence to the world’s highest educational standards, under the Australian Curriculum, and our passionate belief in fostering the positive wellbeing of students within a safe, inclusive schooling community that is dedicated to very high standards of student protection.

In a world experiencing an unprecedented era of change, the Australian Curriculum allows for an inquiry-based pedagogy within classrooms led by highly skilled and trained teachers. Global experts regularly consult staff on how best to draw out student strengths and nurture their wellbeing, whilst our Arabic specialists ensure the Emirati culture and language is proudly honoured. AIS has state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities, while our high expectations of behaviour, uniform and attendance ensure students are focused and feel a sense of belonging and pride in their school.

Our students graduate at the end of Grade 12 with either a Queensland Certificate of Education or an International Baccalaureate Diploma, reaching for the stars in universities both here and around the world. Within national assessments of literacy and numeracy, we are meeting and exceeding Australian standards thanks to our innovative teaching models within the Australian Curriculum.

Underpinning all of this, with over twenty years’ experience in teaching students and leading schools, I know that happy students who feel a sense of belonging and care make the most effective learners. As such, the outstanding opportunities available for educational growth within AIS are thanks to our dedicated, team of Australian and Arabic teachers and their partnership with our community of caring and involved families. Open communication between home and the classroom is vital: at AIS, we are not just a school, we are a family.

Preparing our children for success in a world which is ever-changing requires thoughtfulness; it is not enough for students to simply learn information from the front of a classroom. This is the AIS difference: we are building the critical thinkers and problem solvers of the future not only through outstanding education, but in the development of their resilience, the forging of their grit and determination to succeed and most of all, through fostering their innate happiness. Only then are our children truly ready to reach for the stars.

Mr. Steve McLuckie
Executive Principal