Prep to Grade 2

Prep to Grade 2

The foundational years of learning from Prep through to Grade 2 are vital in developing the building blocks of student literacy, numeracy and most importantly, their lifelong love of learning. AIS understands that children bring unique interests and abilities to the classroom and in response have developed a student-led strengths based approach to teaching and learning within a nurturing and caring environment.

Our highly qualified, friendly and professional teachers are dedicated to providing the best possible educational outcomes and experiences for our students using this approach within the Australian  Curriculum framework.

During Prep to Grade 2, priority within the Australian Curriculum is given to the development of literacy and numeracy as the foundational elements to all other learning. Students are exposed to and supported in enjoying a wide range of literature whilst engaging in listening, reading, viewing, speaking and writing activities. Strategies for beginning reading and writing, spelling and expanding students’ vocabulary are explicitly taught during Prep to Grade 2. Mathematically students are introduced to a sense of number, order, sequence, pattern and position, as well as mathematical symbols and language.  Simple strategies to pose, investigate and solve simple, mathematical problems are explored.


Prep students are encouraged to develop their independence and learn how to be a ‘learner’ within a slightly more formal classroom setting than that experienced in the AIS ELC. Learning, however, is still based on inquiry and developing a love of learning through student strengths. Oral language in particular is promoted and developed in students as the basis of beginning reading and writing skills. Exciting, thought-provoking learning experiences are given in English, Maths, and Integrated Studies (Science and Humanities). Students also participate in weekly Arabic, Art, Music and Health and Physical Education lessons, where the promotion and development of students’ creativity and their fine and gross motor skills are prioritised and developed.

Prep is also an important developmental stage in the social and personal skills of students. Scheduled ‘play’ times throughout the school day allow students to practice these skills, learning how to play cooperatively, take turns, share and resolve peer conflict.

Please note that the following links refer to Prep as the Foundation Year according to the Australian National Curriculum.

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Grade 1

Building on the oral language skills learnt in Prep, Grade 1 students focus on becoming more capable beginning readers and writers. Emotional and social development is encouraged, with students learning the foundations of positive wellbeing and strengths-based learning, as well as how to be a positive friend and contributor to their own learning and that of their peers.

The subjects of English, Maths and Integrated Studies (Science and Humanities)  are investigated, with students introduced to project-based learning and research skills in Science. Grade 1 sees the continued study of Arabic, but also the introduction of Islamic Studies, Social Studies and French. Learning is structured both independently and collaboratively through small group work to investigate the world around them. 

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Grade 2

Continuing with the foundations of learning, AIS students in Grade 2 are encouraged to begin developing independence and are introduced to basic responsibilities for their own learning. Literacy and numeracy continue to be a major focus, with the gentle honing and development of reading skills to allow for the next step in comprehension along with more complex and abstract concepts introduced in Mathematics.

As students grow in maturity and independence, collaborative teamwork and hands on activities become a more regular part of classroom lessons. The student inquiry and teacher-led experiences in the learning areas of Humanities (History and Geography) and Health and Physical Education become more purposeful, relevant and relational to the children's lives. Our specialised STEAM program deepens student understandings and experiences in the areas of Science, the Arts and Digital Technology. Students continue their study of Arabic, French, Islamic Studies and Social Studies.  ICT is used during lessons to complement some class activities and to extend students where possible, further assisting the development of the knowledge and skills needed for their journey to success in our increasingly digital world.

An excellent summary for parents of the Australian Curriculum aims for Grade 2 can be found here:

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