The safety of our students extends beyond the classroom, with the safe arrival and departure to and from school and home of the utmost concern to the entire AIS community. Whether a student's journey to and from AIS is conducted via the family car or school bus, there are certain precautions and procedures which will ensure your children arrive safely to school and home again.

Via Car

The pick up zone provided at AIS is a highly trafficked, supervised and regulated area. Following all directives and road rules in this area is paramount not just for the safety of our students but our staff and other drivers. Failure to adhere to directions not only compromises the safety of our entire community, but shows a complete lack of respect for AIS, its students and staff.

Via Bus

The Lokate Student app system monitors student whereabouts on their journey to and from school via a card scan system as their child enters and exits the bus. This real-time monitoring not only gives parents peace of mind on the location of their child, but provides key safety mechanisms for students, parents and AIS. Once the student scans their card upon entry or exit of the bus, parents are notified via the Lokate app on their mobile phone. 

Lokate Student App Brochure