Social Studies

The Social Studies course offered at AIS  provides an in-depth systematic study of the skills, information and concepts of UAE citizenship under four different disciplines: history, geography, economics and political science. These majors focus attention on the ties and relationships between the different peoples within the UAE and beyond and the relationship between science, technology and society. How to value and exercise good citizenship is also explored, helping young people develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make good decisions as active members of a society as culturally diverse as the UAE. Social studies gives every AIS student an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to their country and society.

Adhering to the values and morals of the UAE culture, Social Studies allows students to gain an understanding of the factors and ingredients contributing to the UAE national identity, along with the foundations of government, its various forms and functions. Social Studies also teaches students the process and skills of instruction, research, resolution and reflection in solving a range of current social issues, positioning AIS students as active and effective global citizens of the future.