AIS is very proud to have recognised and high-quality Arabic, Islamic, and Social Studies programs at the heart of our educational ethos. Our focus on Arabic culture, history, and language from Prep through to Grade 12 alongside the globally recognised Australian National Curriculum ensures that our students are not only experts in Arabic and Islamic principles and values, but have a deep understanding of key western learning areas. In this way, AIS students are in an enviable position, equipped with global competencies and a proud Arabic sense of self which will serve them well on their journey to success.

The quality of these programs at AIS for both native and non-native learners is assured through processes of continual reflection and renewal. This involves both native and non-native staff from all sectors of the school working together to develop relevant units of work and lesson plans. 

All staff undertakes professional development once per week as a whole school. The Arabic Department follows up these sessions with small group meetings with the Head of Department, where teachers discuss the curriculum, learn about planning and identify suitable teaching strategies. Teachers also work in small teaching teams to develop teaching and learning materials for their specific lessons and grade levels and look at work samples to determine standards. The focus of these meetings is to provide opportunities to all teachers to develop their professional knowledge and skill for the teaching of Arabic, Islamic, and Social Studies.

UAE Day Celebrations at AIS