AIS is extremely proud to be the first UAE school to implement, Stymie,  an award-winning anonymous notification system for our students to safely report issues that are concerning them.  

The unfortunate fact is that globally 1 in 4 students experience some form of bullying whilst in school: in 87% of cases of bullying and harm, there are bystanders present. While some students may feel comfortable talking to teachers and their carers about incidents of bullying they have witnessed, many do not.

Stymie encourages feelings of safety and wellbeing for the whole school community by allowing bystanders the chance to ‘Say Something’. Bystanders can send an anonymous notification to the school, detailing information such as who was allegedly bullied, by whom and how often. Through this power to say something, Stymie works to make the whole school community feel safe and supported.  It also relieves feelings of helplessness for students who want to help their peers but don’t quite know-how.

Globally, students are effectively using Stymie to report concerns related to mental health, self-harm, cyberbullying and family violence.  It empowers our youth to embrace our school values of courage and compassion by saying something and asking for help.