Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Thank you for considering joining the AIS family.

To enrol at AIS the following sequence of actions is required:

  1. School Tour (optional).
  2. Inquiry and Application.
  3. Enrolment Interview Booked.
  4. Enrolment Interview.
  5. Acceptance.
  6. What Next and FAQ’s.

Step 1: School Tour

To help decide if AIS is for you, we invite you to join us for a school tour. 

Monday and Thursday at 11:00 am

To book a tour, click here. Or call +971 6558 9967 to speak with the Enrolments Team.

Click here for our prospectus. 

Step 2: Inquiry and Application

If you decide you would like to enrol your child at AIS, please complete an Application Form.

Parents will be provided with an Enrolment Pack containing everything you need to progress to the interview stage. The Enrolment Pack is available from the school Enrolments Team.

Please submit the completed forms to the Enrolments Team along with the required documentation (passports, report cards etc).

Please note that in order to progress to the interview stage, it is essential that all forms must be completed IN FULL and all the required documentation must be provided (see the checklist in the Enrolment Pack). We understand there may be some documentation that is unavailable at the time of enrolment (eg: UAE residency VISA); the Enrolments Team will ascertain if sufficient information has been provided for you to progress to the interview stage.


  • For international enrolments from outside the UAE, it is important parents of children enrolling into Grade 2 or above finalise the transfer certificate and reports cards attestation process PRIOR to leaving the country they are residing in. Detailed information can be found on the Transfer Certificate and Report Card document in the Enrolment Pack. 

Step 3: Enrolment Interview Booking

Once all the required documentation has been completed, submitted and checked by the Enrolments Team, the next step is to arrange for an interview with a School Administrator. 

To request an interview, complete the Interview Booking Form.

No interview will be booked until ALL of the above is completed. 

The Enrolments Team will arrange for an interview and will notify you of your interview time. You will also receive a confirmation call 24 hours prior to the scheduled interview.

Step 4: Enrolment Interview (mandatory).

The parent and enrolling student are required to attend the interview with a school administrator. In some circumstances, this may also require the student to undergo a Diagnostic Assessment.

The purpose of the interview is a chance for us to get to know you better and to ensure there is a mutual alignment regarding the school's expectations of work ethic, behavior, values, morals etc.

At the end of the interview, you will be required to complete the ‘Form: Enrolment Agreement and Acceptance’. Note: Signing this form is NOT confirmation of approval . The HoS will decide on the outcome of an enrolment application.

Students enrolling in Grade 10, 11 or 12 must also complete the SET Plan as part of the subject selection process and followed up with an appointment with the Secondary Guidance Officer upon commencement of enrolment. Due to the SET Plan requirement, the interview for students in Grade 10 to 12 will take approximately 60 mins.

Interviews for students enrolling in  ELC to Grade 9 will take approximately 30 mins. If a diagnostic assessment is required, an additional 30 mins will be required.

Step 5: Acceptance.

The Head of School will decide on the outcome of the enrolment application, with parents notified in writing within 48 hours of completing the interview and/or assessment of their successful or unsuccessful application.

If you are accepted, the non-refundable Registration Fee of AED1,150 will be required within one week to secure the enrolment. If the Registration Fee is not paid at this time, the position may be offered to another applicant.

All enrolments are subject to approval by the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) and the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE).

Step 6: To Register your students in Daleel 2 (Ministry Portal)

Please find the attached User Guide to guide you through the process of registering students in Daleel 2 (Ministry Portal).

Step 7: What Next and FAQ’s

Congratulations and welcome to the AIS family. Our partnered focus now centres on ensuring your child settles quickly into the AIS school routine.

Uniforms and Equipment

Before your child commences lessons at AIS, they must be in full school uniform. Uniforms can be purchased from the Uniform Shop (located in A Block).


For primary enrolments, stationery packs can be purchased directly through the school. The class teacher will supply the student with the materials once payment has been confirmed.

For secondary enrolments, stationery requirements can be found here.

First Day Of School

If the enrolment is completed during the academic year, on the day of commencement please go to the reception of the relevant school (Primary = B Block / Secondary = D Block). From here we will arrange for your child to commence class. If you have any further questions or documents to submit, please proceed to the Enrolments Office.

If the enrolment is completed at the commencement of the school year, please enter the foyer for your child’s grade level and speak with the receptionist. Please check the class lists displayed.

Other Communication

The AIS website has a wealth of information about our school.

iSAMS Parent App also contains a wealth of information about your child. Here you will find your child’s timetable, attendance record, assessment reports and much, much more.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What are the school hours?

A: School commences at 8.15am and concludes at 2.55pm. Students in the ELC conclude at 12.15pm. School staff are available from 7.30am to 4.00pm.

Q: How may I communicate with teachers?

A: Parents have access to the iSAMS Parent Portal, where they can email their teachers directly. If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher directly, please call the receptionist to make an appointment.