Islamic Studies are in place in the school for both Arab and non-Arab learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The lessons are presented in Arabic for Arabic speakers and in English for non-Arabic speakers.  These subjects are taught by highly qualified staff trained to create engaging and interactive units of work and lessons that connect to other subject areas. 

Islamic Studies are undertaken twice a week. The learning materials for these lessons are the Ministry books and are supported using storybooks, videos of Prophet stories, and internet research. 

All staff undertakes professional development once per week as a whole school to ensure continuity and that equivalent teaching strategies and curriculum is being delivered across the school. The Arabic department follows up these sessions with two small group meetings with the Head of Arabic.  During these meetings teachers discuss the curriculum, learn about planning and identify suitable teaching strategies, examining work samples to determine standards. The teachers will also work in small teams to develop teaching and learning materials for their specific lessons and grade levels. The focus of these meetings is to develop Arabic lessons and units of work that provide opportunities to all teachers to develop their professional knowledge and skill for the teaching of Arabic, Islamic, and Social Studies.