Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team

Senior student leadership at AIS is taken very seriously and holds great responsibility. As representatives of their peers and agents of positive change, our student leaders are the embodiment of everything AIS symbolises: excellent behaviour, exceptional effort and honourable respect whilst continuously acting in the best interests of the entire schooling community.

There are a number of opportunities for students to become involved in the leadership program with leaders from both Primary and Secondary working as a team across both schools. This nurtures and develops the sense of continuity, pride, and belonging our students feel from Prep right through to Grade 12 in this very special AIS schooling community. All student leaders must uphold high AIS standards of behavior and discipline; be positive role models for their peers; and demonstrate and embody our AIS values of integrity, tolerance, wisdom, compassion, and courage.

Our Secondary School leadership consists of 1) Pillar Leaders and 2) House Leaders. Each student is elected through a process of written application, interview, speech and teacher/student vote.

1) Pillar Leadership

Secondary Pillar Leaders will be responsible for working under one of the five pillars that embody the spirit of AIS: Academic, Cultural, Community, Sporting, and Wellbeing.

Pillar Leadership positions consists of:

  • Pillar School Captains (one representative for each of the pillars)
  • Pillar School Vica Captains (one representative from each pillar)
  • Twelve To Fifteen Student Pillar Ambassadors (two to three from each grade to represent each pillar)

Together the Pillar School Captains and Pillar School Vice Captains will work with Student Pillar Ambassadors from other year levels, including those from the Primary School, to achieve student-inspired goals and objectives under the five pillars. Student leaders are required to meet with their Pillar Leader Teachers (two to three per pillar) at least once every fortnight to discuss and plan upcoming events and pillar-led initiatives. The student pillar leadership is overseen by our Pillar Master.

2) House Leaders

Secondary House Leaders are responsible for promoting participation among the five houses: Camel (Yellow House), Falcon (Red House), Horse (Blue House), and Gazelle (Green House). Students are allocated houses upon their enrollment to AIS. The House Leadership consists of:

  • Grade 12 House Leaders (three representatives from each of the houses)
  • Grade 9 House Leaders (one to two representatives from each of the houses)

The House Leaders encourage house members (secondary students) to demonstrate pride, loyalty, and enthusiasm for their house through various school initiatives, such as house chants, creating house banners, or initiating house-themed dress-up days. House Leader Teachers (one teacher per house) supervise fortnight meetings and the House Leadership is overseen by our House Master.

AIS has a proud history and being able to leave a legacy that will grow, is an extraordinary opportunity for our student leaders.

In addition to these important leadership positions, AIS secondary students have the opportunity to further their leadership skills through participation in a number of local, national and international programs. Through its involvement with organisations such as those listed below, our students are given insightful, formative and incredibly valuable experiences to help them reach for the stars:

  • Global Leadership Training
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Model United Nations
  • Community Action and Service Program
  • Sheikh Sultan Award
  • World Challenge trips