Welcome to the AIS Primary School

Encompassing students from Prep through to Grade 6, the AIS Primary School is a place where the love of lifelong learning is fostered with nurturing Australian teachers within a challenging curriculum. The four pillars of Academic, Cultural, Sporting and Community are emphasised throughout, catering for the diverse strengths and interests of students and ensuring success is achievable for all.

Brooke Pickett, our Head of Primary, is a passionate Australian born educator who is dedicated to providing exceptional educational journeys for AIS students through a child centred approach to teaching and learning. Here, she explains further how her team of caring, highly skilled teachers are helping children in this youthful stage of wide-eyed wonder, shape their learning, open up their futures and reach for the stars.  

Head of Primary - Brooke Pickett

AIS parents see us as a family-friendly and well-resourced school that provides a holistic education with a strong focus on academic excellence and wellbeing. The attention we give to the individual and emotional needs of our students sets us apart from other schools.

We teach the Australian Curriculum and provide a balance of traditional and modern subjects combined with contemporary teaching and learning practices. We are innovative, whilst upholding uncompromising standards in literacy and numeracy. Our dedicated staff get to know every student and identify talent, while providing support where required.

Our high standard of behaviour and positive reinforcement encourages our students to work hard in a safe and nurturing environment.

I am incredibly proud to be the AIS Head of Primary School and encourage you to visit us and discover the difference yourself.

Brooke Pickett