Grade 3 to Grade 6

Grade 3 to Grade 6

During Grade 3 to 6, students at AIS are gradually given more independence and greater responsibility within their learning under the direction of our highly qualified, dedicated and caring Australian, Arabic and international primary teaching team. The Australian Curriculum throughout Grade 3 to 6 remains focused on developing numeracy and literacy, as well as students’ ability to take positive action for wellbeing, communicate well with others, pose questions and solve problems whilst becoming more independent and self-managed learners who make informed decisions and act responsibly.

Grade 3 and 4

Building upon the solid foundational education provided in Prep to Grade 2, the Grade 3 and 4 curriculum emphasises the continued growth of students' independence and sense of responsibility within the classroom. While literacy and numeracy remain paramount, there is a deliberate focus on introducing more intricate and abstract concepts. 

In the realm of literacy, students gain confidence in both oral and written language, marking a significant shift from learning to read to reading to learn. This transition is pivotal as students engage with more sophisticated texts, including chapter books and non-fiction works. 

Within the classroom environment, the emphasis extends to teamwork and hands-on activities, fostering not only social skills but also encouraging independent investigation and problem-solving in an enjoyable setting. Opportunities are also available for students to explore Music and Art. These learning experiences are tailored to be personally relevant, creating a strong link between theoretical understanding and practical application.

Global awareness is cultivated through the study of Languages, including French and Arabic. As students progress, a broader perspective is introduced, incorporating global concepts into the curriculum. Digital Technologies and Digital Citizenship play a pivotal role in the classroom, serving to complement and extend student learning. As students advance in independence, maturity, and ability, the use of digital technologies evolve into a robust learning platform, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience.

An excellent summary for parents of the Australian Curriculum aims for Grades 3 and 4 can be found here:

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Grade 5 and 6

The final years of Primary School for our students represents a time of growing awareness of themselves and the world around them, the refining and maturing of academic, social and wellbeing skills and a deepening pride in their roles as lifelong learners at AIS. Students are encouraged to build upon their independent learning skills including using higher order thinking, applying knowledge and understanding across all subject areas as well as further development of problem-solving skills. 

The expansion of literacy and numeracy continues in more depth and complexity, while studies in Humanities sees students moving from learning about themselves and their immediate surroundings, to the impact of events in local and global communities. Science lessons include students focusing on investigations about the natural world around them. Digital Technology and Music lessons provide further opportunities for students to deepen their problem-based learning and creative skills through a different lense. The concepts of how to look after the health of oneself and that of the wider community is explored in Health and Physical Education. Our Grade 5 and 6 students continue their learning of Arabic, French, Islamic Studies and Social Studies. Of particular importance is preparing students for life in the Secondary School, where self-management of homework, assessment and accountability for learning is a focal point.

Opportunities abound for our Grade 6 students in particular to take on a variety of leadership positions. Primary Captains are elected each year in Grade 6. These Primary Student Leaders liaise with teachers, the staff leadership team, our Secondary Student Leaders and the community not only to develop their own individual leadership skills but more importantly, to represent their peers and make AIS a wonderful place to learn. The lifelong learning that comes with these invaluable processes are skills that can be taken firmly on their AIS journey to success and well into their adult lives. 

An excellent summary for parents of the Australian Curriculum aims for Grades 5-6 can be found here:

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