Inclusive Education

Our AIS community includes a variety of families from a range of different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and experiences. We value this diversity as it creates a rich environment for our students to learn and succeed in. Within our school population there may be students who require targeted support or adjustments to the curriculum or physical environment.  This may include students who are gifted as well as students who have developmental delays, impairments or special requirements that mean some aspects of learning and the school environment can be challenging.

At AIS we strive to cater for all students in our care through;

Early Identification

Additional learning needs may have been identified prior to enrolment, during enrolment or within the first few weeks of school. We use several assessment tools to identify what the challenges may be for students so we can help support them and their teachers. Sometimes these assessments are supported with further assessment and a diagnosis from external specialists.

We use both formal and informal information to gather a complete profile of a student and their areas of need.

Staff work collaboratively to support the students to make reasonable adjustments where required, identify potential barriers, develop and implement personal learning plans and meet regularly with parents.


We have a team of trained teachers who work closely with Learning Assistants to offer in-class support, small group focussed teaching, one-on-one tuition and advice on strategies and resources to use with students' with specific needs. 

Our vision is to promote confidence and independence for all students and teachers as well as ensure that students are aware of their needs and the strategies they require to best learn in the school/classroom environment.


Regular meetings are held with key stakeholders; classroom teachers, parents, support staff and external agencies.  Effective and clear communication is key to fostering high levels of engagement, progress and trust. The sharing of information in a supportive way  ensures that case sensitive information is kept confidential and shared only with the appropriate people involved in the student's learning.

Inclusive education is about ensuring access to quality education for all students by effectively meeting their diverse needs in a way that is responsive, accepting, respectful and supportive

As an inclusive school, AIS has developed the ‘Support for Learning’ model which is highly responsive to the needs of all learners. This includes: student engagement, those in need of learning support or behaviour support; those who have educational support needs arising from diagnosed disability or mental health disorder; those who require extension and enrichment; and those learning English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D), or a combination of these.

Inclusive education is not a project or an initiative. It is the progressive development of attitudes, behaviours, systems and beliefs that enable inclusive education to become a norm underpinning our school culture, one which is reflected in the everyday life of the AIS community.

Our focus is on NEED not DISABILITY